Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza Spotify playlists

Looking For Your Next Favourite Playlist? Follow Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza’s playlist and remember the best tunes of your holidays. We have them all! Remember those magic night under the sky at our skybar lounge The Ninth at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Good playlists – and we mean really good playlists – are not easy to come

The Ibizan Hound

This breed originates in the island of Eivissa and has been traditionally used in the Catalan-speaking areas of Spain, and France where it was known under the name of le charnigue, to hunt rabbits and other small game. The Ibizan Hound is a fast dog that can hunt on all types of terrain, working by scent, sound and sight. Hunters run these dogs

Posidonia oceanica a treasure in Ibiza

Posidonia oceanica, commonly known as Sea Grass, is an angiosperm plant, adapted to underwater life.  At first glance it may seem like just another sea plant, but in fact it is an essential part of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, as it supports many other lifeforms.The meadows of posidonias are the source of the beauty and

In Heaven a new gastronomic experience at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The special atmosphere that breathes in Ibiza will make you feel in heaven, and Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza wants to pay tribute to this way of understanding life and summer in a divinely earthly way with “In Heaven”, every Wednesday and Saturday in the Sky lounge The Ninth. “In Heaven” is a multisensory experience that

Best Caves in Ibiza

Ibiza has a huge and amazing geographic nature as well as the beaches. If you want to add a little adventure to your vacation during your stay at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza this post is for you!Breathtaking, intricate, and massive, this are the best caves in the island you must visit during your stay. Cova

The Natural Park of Ses Salines of Ibiza and Formentera

The Natural Park of Ses Salines of Ibiza and Formentera is located between the Pitiusas islands and covers from the south of Ibiza to the north of Formentera, including the narrow sea channel that divides them and has an approximate extension of 2.838,44 land hectares and more than 13.000 by sea. Declared an Item of

ROCKOLLECTION new event at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Rockollection is probably the only Dj Session in the world dedicated to Pop and Rock of the 70s, 80s and 90s. The name “Rockollection” comes the famous song with more than a million copies sold (only in France) by Laurent Vouzly.  A song where the singer introduced some of the most famous songs from the

Michael Jackson’s 9th Death Anniversary

It has been nine years since the untimely death of Michael Jackson. But for his millions of fans around the world, the King Of Pop remains immortal through his timeless music and dance. In all these years gone by, the world has not found a replacement! On his death’s ninth anniversary, we take a look

47th Founder’s Day Celebration at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza celebrated yesterday the 47th Hard Rock Founder’s Day on June 14. The 3rd Half Ibiza, our huge sports bar turned into a huge party featuring dance shows, and music pop ups by our amazing and talented staff. Including the best amercian homemade food to feel the Hard Rock experience! Our staff

World Cup 2018 at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Are you worried about losing the best World Cup matches while on vacation? Do not stress, we take care! This summer, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza will have themed activities and broadcasts of the matches to celebrate the 2018 World Cup. The World Cup will be played from June 14 to July 15. The first match