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In Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza our leitmotiv is music and we love be surrounded of that. For this reason we select some of the best of groups of music to have performing live everyday. Just choose your plan and come to Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, We´ll be waiting for you!

Hard Rock Band.

The resident band of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza fills the hotel every day with great sounds and their personal covers and tributes to the greatest hits of all times. You will succumb to the expert playing of guitarist Matias Kamelman and the magical voice of Azahar López.

La Didah.

La Didah are Claire and Lidia, guitarist and singer. Give them a round of applause! Enjoy their wonderful live music overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Their extensive repertoire is made up of the latest sounds interpreted in their suggestive style of lounge and acoustic jazz.

Every Tuesday at 3 p.m. at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.


Welcome to the freshest and most original sessions by DJ Aitor Tribalik. Be delighted by his rhythms created on-the-spot with his Drum Machine, whilst you take a dip or enjoy a delicious, refreshing cocktail.

Every Wednesday at The Beach Club and Friday at the Splash swimming pool.

Mimi Barber.

A torrent of strength and talent awaits you every Thursday at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.   The voice of Mimi Barber, accompanied by bass lines created live by Juan Soul, will surround you with soul, funk and disco beats.

Every Thursday at 3 p.m. at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

Sirope Who.

The voice of singer Marta Carlim is pure elegance. Her impeccably tuned voice with many hints of black soul, will take you through the sounds of jazz and soul with perfection. A benchmark for super VIP parties. She will take you to the next level.

Every Saturday at 3 p.m. at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

Daisy Heartbreaker.

Resident night-time DJ at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Let yourself go with the Queen of rocktronic!

Alex Kentucky.

Our special guest DJ. Thanks to his ample experience and hard work, the Balearic Islands have adopted this DJ originally from the Canary Islands, and he has become a benchmark in the world of deep house music. He can often be heard on the radio and in places full of soul. Now he is here to enchant you day and night with his elegant sessions.

Every Tuesday during the day and every Wednesday and Friday night at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

Paco Fernández.

Possibly one of the best guitarists in the country will delight us with a fantastic show, where the virtuosity of his playing fuses with his band to offer surprising combinations of music full of rhythm, soul and meaning. A true luxury!

Saturdays from 5-9pm at The Beach Club of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza.

Xicu Portas.

He has become our star resident DJ. He is without doubt the new sensation amongst DJ’s with his mixes of tribal sounds in sessions which are created live for the occasion. He is a conservatory musician and it shows!


The music of this Madrilenian singer-songwriter is full of purity, strength, passion and depth. His sometimes sweet, sometimes harsh, musical notes capture us and take us to a world full of sensory awareness where light and shadows become meaningful.

Thursday 9 p.m. at Estado Puro.

 King of Magic.

A tribute to one of the most legendary bands of all times, Queen. Full of power, excitement and fun with their perfectly performed covers.

Every Tuesday at 10 p.m. at 3rd Half.

Black Rose.

Blues, rock, reggae, house, pop, funk… our rocking, rock band will play everything! The best covers of the most legendary songs in the history of rock. Yeeeah baby!

Every Wednesday at 10 p.m.

Ruben Tejerina.

A creator, at his maximum potential. This artist is a singer, actor, writer and winner of a national poetry award. It will be a great honour to have him with us and enjoy his interpretation of classic Spanish pop songs.