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Let’s study the tattoos of the, ranked by fans, actual sexiest star: Adam Levine
The singer and frontman of pop rock band Maroon 5 has more than 10 tattoos all over his body.

Check it out:

Starting with his back:
1. The paw print on his right shoulder represents his love for animals with the name of “Frankie Girl”, the name of his dog.
2. Portrait of a pinup girl

3. The “222” represents the door number of his first musical studio of the band.
4. Adam has a tiger crouching on his right inner elbow
5. “X” tattoo represents the 10 year anniversary of Maroon 5 as a band.
6. A Heart with “Mom” written inside.
7. A detailled Guitar Tattoo
8. The dove and cheery blossoms
were inked after de September 11th to pay tribute to this tragedy.

9. The tattoo written in Hindi pertains to his passion for yoga
10. Flying Eagle Tattoo
11. Black bead necklace
while he was in Japana

Rib Cage:
12. The Shark
is rumored to have something to do with his nickname and it’s one of Adam’s biggest fears.

13.The flower are dedicated to his mother
14. “Los Angeles”, were Levine was born

Adam Levine’s, of course, considered like a Real Rock Star!!
Keep Rockin’