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What does the “Horn Hand” Mean?

The Horn Hand gesture is commonly seen at Rock Concerts but it has a variety of meanings and uses in various cultures. It earliest use can be seen in India which is synonymous of expulsion of demons and negative thoughts.

Would you accept this Dance? – Benefits of Dancing

Who doesn’t like to Dance on his best song? Moving the hips, dancing, jumping and going crazy… Dancing is a recreation and self- expression. Enjoy it because is good for your health. What does Dancing to your body? – Improve

How to sing like a rock star, sing better

Are you a bad singer? No worries, we all are… But the good news is that singing is free and you can practice to do it better. Follow our small tips to start to sing better, and who knows… Maybe

Top 50 Songs – 21st Century

Music starts when words ends, music guides our heartbeats during all our life. We’re always listenning to new songs, new hits on the radio but not all are hits… This is our selection of the best 50 songs of the

The Right Way to choose an Instrument

  This is a funny way to find the instrument that fits with your lifestyle.  So?? What’s the result?? Keep

What’s the International Music Summit


The International Music Summit presented by Pete Tong was created in 2007 to inspire debate, discuss and help implement change in electronic music. It’s an educational, inspirational and motivational thought leadership platform dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for,