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“The 27 Club” – Rock and Roll Myths

We can’t explain why but people are interested by musicians’ deaths. The “27 Club” is given to a group of  musicians that died at the age of 27. They were some of the most influential artists of their generation. The

Who’s Juan Magan – #Latinibizate

We’ve announced Juan Magan every Thurday at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, but do you really know who is this amazing artist? It’s a pleasure to introduce to you Juan Magan. Juan Manuel Magán González (Badalona – Spain, September 30th 1978)

Music can be used as Therapy

For most of us, music is a important part of our daily life. We can turn up our favorite songs in the bus, having lunch or while we’re at work. And as you know, music can change your mood, it

How Music can Improve your Life

Music plays an important role in our lives and if you know how, it can improve it. 1. Music reduces pain When medicine is not the solution, it might be time to turn on your favorite band. Music just increse

Hard Rock History – The Beginning

Some companies have a history that stays firmly in the past. We’re fortunate to have a legacy that permeates our present like a classic song, not with nostalgia, but as the reminder of a timeless foundation and simple beginnings. When

Top 5 best video clips by HRHI

In 2014, videoclips became prominent, not only on Youtube but in the world in general.  For example, Beyoncé released more than 15 clips at once in December. This is our Top5 for this year: 5. Disclosure, “Grabe her” 4. Taylor

Hippy Markets in Ibiza – TOP5

Hippy Markets in Ibiza are quite famous and it’s a must-see for all the Rockers of the island!! Let us recommend you the Top5 of the biggest Markets in Ibiza. 1. Las Dalias Hippy Market on Saturday on the road