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Top 10 Summer Hits 2015

If you are going on holidays, be sure to have these 10 songs in your car or phone!! Check it out, you’ll love it. Do you miss any song? 1. See You Again Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth 2. Cheerleader OMI 3. Uptown

In Heaven – Sky Lounge Star Show

It’s the second edition of one of the best live musical show in the island located on the Rooftop of the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza called The Ninth Ibiza. This enormous, rooftop sky lounge, complete with chic decor designed to

Estado Puro Ibiza – A Gastronomic Must

Estado Puro Ibiza´s Tapas will deffinately revolutionize the White isle this season. Not only considered to be the ultimate in Spanish food art, these petite delicacies also play an important social role and have been popular in Spain for centuries. This Spanish classic is

5 Ways to learn lyrics quickly

There’s a new song on the Radio? Don’t wait and be the first to learn their lyrics with our little tips. 1. Visualize the story All the songs have a small story so try to create the movie in your