Article & Blog Archive for September 2015


October is here, and with the arrival of autumn all the Hard Rock Hotels around the world turn pink to support a great cause: the fight against breast cancer. Once again this year, activities have been organised under the Pinktober

5 Music partners can’t stand each other

At the beginning of any project we are all friends and making music is amazing. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to. It’s even harder when you need this person to make money, live your dream

10 reasons to travel to Ibiza in September

How about traveling to Ibiza around Mid September-October? In case you are wondering, September it’s a great time to visit the island. Discover what makes Ibiza an amazing fall destination: It’s beautiful and not crowded with tourists Enjoy spectacular beaches

Rock’n’Roll Gods on Emoji

Bruno Leo Ribeiro, music lover at heart, turned music’s best artists into Emoji icons like the Beatles, Daft Punk, The Rolling stones and much more… In the beginning he started with his favorite bands but now he’s open to any

The new Hard Rock fashion collection “Back to real” – by Laura Be

Ibiza is not just ad-lib or boho fashion style… Let us introduce you the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza brand new rocker collection by Laura Be. Laura Be is a renowned designer born in Madrid, she has worked for many brands but