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The legend of Es Vedrá

Locals, fishermans and researchers witness stranges facts next to Es Vedrá, a small island with a perimeter of 3.8 km and 382 meters high, now protected nature reserve. People believe that Es Vedrá accumulate energy since the Rock were separated of

The world’s biggest LED curved screen for summer 2016 at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

We have a huge surprise for you this summer 2016!! We developed in collaboration with Palladium Hotel Group  the world’s largest outdoor LED curved screen, at 400 m2, thanks to Odyssey Ibiza. Offering an unbeatable location, five-star facilities, top-notch performances from international artists and

How your music choices predict your personality

This study is very interesting and quite curious… Music is very powerful on human mind and we all know it. But can it define your personality? The study is based on 5 personality traits for the test: openness to experience,extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and