Article & Blog Archive for January 2016

3 New Music Genres for 2016

Are you ready to listen to new sounds in 2016? Music is in constant evolution and new genres are created each year. For 2016 these are the genres you must follow: 1. Progressive Heavy Electro Rock 2. Air Pop 3.

A Movie for Every Music Genre

Music expresses that which can’t be said. IN films, music can express moods totally different of what you’re watching. Check out this list of movies foe every music genre. Gospel: Joyful Noise Jazz: Bird Classical: Mr Holland’s OPus Hip-Hop: Hustle

Top 10 Albums of the Year 2015

We love to discover and find new artists, new songs and styles. After looking on the net, we’ve found this list of the best albums of the year. You’ll maybe know most of the artists, but not all of them

The best music for your Babies

A lot of experts do agree that music affects to the babies and has a lot of positive effects. Music relaxes the baby, much as it relaxes you. This is what you must know about music and babies: 1. It can