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We’ll be celebrating the first Music Therapy Congress on June, 11th!!

Music Therapy uses music, sounds and silences for therapeutic purposes. It helps to activate areas of the brain that we don’t use,  discover potential and/or  restore people skills.

The concept is based on 3 ideas:
– Humanization
– Inspiration
– Connection

The main goals are:

  • Reduce daily stress and conflicts through music therapy
  • Promote sensory stimulation as a way of increasing the quality of life people with special needs and other groups.
  • Help the child to manage their emotional world through music therapy
  • Achieve a better adaptation of the child to their environment improving interpersonal relationships.

Benefits are:

  • Physiology: alterations in heart rate, blood pressure, respiration…
  • Psychophysiology: energy and fatigue, relaxation and stress…
  • Sensorimotor schemes: improve reflex response
  • Perception: allows discrimination of differences and equilities conservation
  • Cognition: Improves attention, learning, alter patterns of thought and belief
  • Behavior: changes patterns of behavior, performance, safety.
  • Emotions: facilitates expression, motivation, commitment, evokes memories and mental images.
  • Communication: increased expression in language, verbal, non-verbal and artistic.
  • Interpersonal: relationship creates patterns, increases awareness, sensitivity, tolerance, respect.
  • Creativity: fluency power, inventiveness and originality

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This is the video from last year at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, we can’t wait for next one!!