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Posidonia oceanica a treasure in Ibiza

Posidonia oceanica, commonly known as Sea Grass, is an angiosperm plant, adapted to underwater life.  At first glance it may seem like just another sea plant, but in fact it is an essential part of the Mediterranean marine ecosystem, as

In Heaven a new gastronomic experience at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

The special atmosphere that breathes in Ibiza will make you feel in heaven, and Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza wants to pay tribute to this way of understanding life and summer in a divinely earthly way with “In Heaven”, every Wednesday

Best Caves in Ibiza

Ibiza has a huge and amazing geographic nature as well as the beaches. If you want to add a little adventure to your vacation during your stay at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza this post is for you!Breathtaking, intricate, and massive,