3 famous dishes you have to try in Ibiza

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One of the biggest surprises that Eivissa has is its gastronomy, for the quality of the products and ingredients that generates this land and because there is a large recipe linked to the tradition, culture and landscape of the island. The legacy of peasants and fishermen based on self-sufficiency has evolved to a high-level creative offer and for all tastes. Good example of this is the extraordinary variety of fish and its flavor; sausages traditional as the sobrasada and the butifarra or the variety of emblematic cheeses and desserts.

Today we would like to give you some  “foodie” tips for your next visit to Ibiza.


The definitive traditional Ibiza dessert with its distinctive flavour and soft texture made with eggs, fresh cheese (or cottage cheese), aniseed and mint leaves. Eaten as a dessert or an indulging mid-morning accompaniment with your tea or coffee.

Bullit de peix

Another must you may want to try out while you’re on the island is the wonderful Bullit de peix, another stew but this time served with a combination of various fish, always fresh from the Mediterranean that morning. Served up alongside potatoes and various local spices, it’s a classic for a reason and simply must be part of any traditional Ibiza menu. You’ll find one of the best recipes at The Beach at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, try it!


Sofrit Pagès

If you aren’t a fish lover , then you should try the famous Sofrit Pagès.  This authentic Balearic stew is a deliciously filling mixture of various meats, including chicken, lamb and, of course, Ibizan sausages. The dish is served with seasonal vegetables like potatoes, peppers and artichokes, and is one of the most popular dish on any foodie’s guide to Ibiza.


Now you are ready for your next visit!

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