Discover ibiza through its gastronomy.

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Ibiza is not really know for its gastronomy to those who haven’t been here.

The fact is, Ibiza holds an amazing selection of meals and traditional dishes that are sure to impress even the most demanding connoisseurs.



Traditional Ibiza Orelletas

Orelletas is a kind of pastry that people in Ibiza take either as a “merienda” or breakfast. Made from dough and anis and covered in sugar, it is one of the best delicacies to enjoy along a glass of warm milk before heading out to a long day.

Bullit de peix.


Being an island, one in the Mediterranean at that, Ibiza is best known for its variety and quality of fish. One of its most traditional dishes is the Bullit de Peix.

Based in a variety of fish found in the area, their natural stock and potatoes. Bullit has become a staple amongst locals and tourists alike.

Tradicional eaten from a single platter and spread amongst all the attendees, the remaining broth is used to cook rice called “arroz a banda”, one of the best delicacies that Ibiza has to offer. A dish that is sure to bring people together and closest to the ingredients and water they came from.



As a dessert, the locals opt to go for Flaó. Flaó is a cheese based dessert, the closest thing we can compare to is a cheesecake with a custard made from anis topped off with a thin layer of refined sugar. Lemon zest and shaved cheese are amongst some of the optional ingredients that each person or family might at to make their experience a tad bit more unique.

Hierbas Ibicencas.


To wash it all down after some coffee and dessert, the Ibicencos look to Hierbas as their favourite digestive drink.

Hierbas is a liquor made specially in Ibiza from a mix of herbs and alcohol. The herbs are left rest in the alcohol for one year, no more and no less. Every hierbas you take tastes different because of the place they where picked, time of the year, and the density of kinds. A truly unique experience.

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