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Most likely the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name of Ibiza is sun, beach and party. But Ibiza is much more than that and during the winter season Ibiza changes radically if the sun indeed accompanies us during most of the year enjoying temperatures of 16º maximum and 6º minimum, the beach and the party becomes cultural festivals around the different towns of the island where the few residents who are lucky enough to enjoy Ibiza throughout the year meet and enjoy a wide range of activities and cultural events with years of tradition.

Christmas in Ibiza means family gatherings around a large table where some of the most typical dishes of Ibizan gastronomy take place.

Most dinners start with a cream that is called


A good broth is always the best option to open any dinner and better if these dishes are made with 100% Ibizan products. The fava pelada is a cream made with cooked and peeled beans on a sauce of seasonal vegetables, seasoned with pieces of botifarró and noodles. This soup will make the cold of winter disappear instantly.

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Meat and fish remain as the classic main dishes, being in their Balearic versions like the traditional Bullit de peix.


One of the tastiest dishes of Ibizan gastronomy which can be enjoyed almost any time of the year. A wide variety of fresh fish caught in the Mediterranean seas that surround our island cooked alongside locally grown potatoes and garnished with a homemade and hand made aioli. While diners enjoy this delicacy a rice a band is slowly cooking in a paella pan next to the leftover juices of the fish.

Another main course that is widespread on our island is the fried squid or octopus.


This stew is so popular that all restaurants and bars have begun to offer it in its tapas format so that any visitor who wants to have the opportunity to try it. The most traditional and widespread recipe is based on the mixture of octopus or squid with potatoes, peppers, onion and garlic.

After this succulent banquet, desserts take over the Ibizan tables, with nadal sauce being one of the options that cannot be missed at any Christmas dinner.


This sauce has a long and laborious elaboration that goes from grandparents to grandchildren over time and that perpetuates even in the most current generations. A nougat and almond base is mixed as if by magic with a Pagés chicken broth, resulting in a thick cream reminiscent of Jijona’s soft nougat. Only this sauce is served in a cup of coffee accompanied by a piece of traditional bescuit.

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bescuit de Nadal
Traditional Bescuit de Nadal by

A sweet cake with hints of anise with which we put the finishing touch to our traditional Christmas dinner.

But as we are in Ibiza and the party is part of our DNA, we could not finish a good dinner with our family and friends without having a good glass of Ibizan herbs and singing some of the traditional songs, modernized by our artists and composers of the which we will talk to you in another post.