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One of the most important things to do when vacationing in Ibiza is to snorkel in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean.

Throughout the summer months Ibiza boasts the perfect conditions to do just that. Her crystal-clear waters, that are thanks to the Posidonia seaweed beds (declared a World Heritage by UNESCO), offer incredible visibility into the underwater Mediterranean sea life.

Practicing this activity is really very simple, all you need is a mask and snorkel, which you can easily find at and beach shop, and to jump into the sea.


A small, hidden cove which consists of little sand, but if you have made it here, it is primarily to get in the sea and snorkel. It is here that you will discover two little islands just a few meters from the coast where there is an underwater precipice and a bed of Posidonia where you will find a variety of different species that are native to Ibiza.

📍How to get to Cala Olivera?


One of the secret spots of Ibiza, which until recently was inaccessible by foot, has had a pathway created so that the public can access the shore without having to walk through a house that was built right at the edge of the sea.

In these waters you will find a large area of sandy seabed with crystal waters where you can clearly see the marine species that live there.

📍How to get to Es Canaret?


A true gem for snorkel lovers. If you dive around the sides of the cove you will find rocky cliffs that plunge through the deep water to the seabed where a multitude of marine fauna is you waiting to be discovered.

📍How to get to Cala Codolar?


One of beaches in the north part of the island where you can experience an interesting underwater diving excursion is at Cala d’En Serra. It starts at the beach where you swim towards a little cove to the right of the beach there you will find incredible area to relax while you regain your strength to swim back to Cala d’en Serra.

📍How to get to Cala d’en Serra?


In this cove we find various attractions for all snorkel lovers. There is a little island in the middle of the bay that decorates the horizon and is an excellent place to start a little submarine excursion. But if we prefer, we can opt to snorkel around the coast on both sides to discover extraordinary underwater landscapes.

📍How to get to Cala Xarraca?